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Harken 32 mm T Track

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    Technical Description


    Harken T-Track

    Anodized aluminum Harken T-Track 32 mm features rounded top edges for protection and impact resistance. Drilled and tapped holes at ends make endstop installation easy. Track comes in clear or black-anodized finishes.

    Stainless steel track is available in 32 and 40 mm. The high luster finish makes it ideal for luxury cruisers/racers from 33 ft to 140 ft (9.5 m to 42 m). The 32 mm high-performance track features black Hard-Lube anodizing. It has precise 33 mm pinstop hole spacing. The height of the Anodized Aluminum track is 16 mm and the height of the Stainless Steel track is 9/16" (14 mm).

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