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Harken Blocks - 75 mm Carbo Fiddle

Low-friction Carbo Fiddle blocks are lightweight, strong, reliable—and affordable. Companions to the popular Harken Black Magic block line, these small, compact blocks have very high working loads for safe, easy trimming. If you need any assistance selecting the appropriate Harken block please contact us, our MAURI PRO sailing crew is ready to help!

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    Product Description

    Harken Carbo Fiddle Block

    The Harken 75 mm Carbo Fiddle Block line features high-load ball bearings with fitted races for low-friction operation.

    The Harken 75 mm Carbo Fiddle Ratchet Blocks provide precise on/off control with accessible, easy-to-operate on/off switches on both sides of the block.

    Use For:
    Mainsheet fine-tune

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