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Harken Tiller Extensions


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    Product Description

    Find the appropiate Sailing Equipment! The rigid anodized body of these Harken Aluminum Tiller Extensions transmits subtle boat and rudder movements, allowing the skipper to steer by the feel of the helm. Furthermore, the simple and lightweight design has no unnecessary frills—every aspect that contributes to its strength, stiffness, or comfort. Also, the universal joint and nonslip foam grip are UV-protected and perfect for full dagger-grip and fingertip steering. All of this for all sailors to improve their sailing performance.

    • Base cover snaps off to remove tiller extension
    • Universal joint rotates 360°
    • Nonslip foam rubber grip

    For further questions, please don't hesitate on contacting us. Our specialists are happy to provide all the information you might need to select the proper Harken Sailing Hardware to win your sailing races.

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