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Harken Carbo Foils - Racing

Impact resistance is unmatched, with far less foil damage from loaded spinnaker poles, especially in cold weather. Heat has little effect on stiffness. Harken Carbo Racing Foil engineering resins in these strong, lightweight head foils which offer significant advancements over the weaker PVC materials used by other manufacturers. If you need any assistance please contact us, our MAURI PRO team is ready to help!

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    Harken Carbo Racing Foils are used by many of the top racing programs. Thanks to their carbon material, Harken carbo foils make sail changes, hoists and douses a breeze. smoothly raise your genoa as you reach the leward mark or change to that #3 as the wind picks up without having to use a lot of force.

    • Strong, lightweight head foils offer significant advancements over the weaker PVC materials
    • Low-friction twin headsail grooves are ultra-smooth, allowing hoists, douses, and headsail changes to be easily and efficiently executed
    • Impact resistance
    • Foils are a UV protected black color that is easy for the trimmer to see
    • Each kit comes with a prefeeder that uses anodized rollers to align the sail into the foil and reduce friction
    • Installation is a relatively simple process following the step by step instuctions included with the foil kit
    • Aluminum chafe guard keeps spinnaker sheets from damaging the foil during high-speed jibes
    • Testing shows this guard weighs the same as aramid fiber or composite, and is impervious to wear
    Chafe guard is included free with the purchase of a 7000, 7001, or 7002 kit

    Sizing Harken Carbo Headsail Foils
    There are several dimensions that are key when selecting a Harken carbo headsail foil for your boat. Your luff tape size and forestay diameter will determine whether you need a Unit 0, 1, 2 or 3 system. your headstay length will determine which kit to get within those sizes. For example, a boat with a 1/4" headstay diameter, a headstay length of 40' and a size 5 (5/32) luff tape size would need a Unit #0 12m foil kit.

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