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Harken Crossover Blocks


    Technical Description

    Harken Deck Organizers

    Harken Crossover Blocks

    When sailors get to use the Harken Crossover Blocks their deck gets to look way cleaner and to be more efficient. These easy-to-install Harken blocks mount behind the stopper bank on each side of the cabin house and can route any line to the winch on the opposite side. These incredible Harken Blocks feature built-in risers and sculpted backing plates. If that wasn't enough, the large and strong bases protect cored decks. A suggestion we give you is to use the 1984 for boats to 11.5 m (38') and the 1981 for boats to 15 m (48').

    Deck Organizers lead halyards and control lines aft, allowing crew to sail from the security of the cockpit. They lead a large number of lines through a small space.


    • Lightweight and Strong
    • Re-direct Line to Winch
    • Built-in Risers
    • Improved Performance with Built-In Risers
    • Better Quality with Sculpted Backing Plate
    • Cored Decks Protection
    • Provide a Cleaner and more Efficient Deck

    For further questions, please don't hesitate on contacting us. Our specialists at Mauri Pro Sailing will gladly provide you all the information you might need to select the proper Harken Yacht Equipment to win your sailing races.

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