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Harken Folding Padeyes


    Technical Description

    Harken Folding Padeyes

    Harken Folding Padeyes keep your deck and passageways clear. They’re ready when you need to attach a snatch block or fender, but fold safely out of the way when you don’t.

    Bolt-down bases and D-rings are 316 stainless steel. A vulcanized thermoplastic pad prevents rattling and holds the D-ring in position.

    Use for:
    Loops/soft attachments
    Jacklines and tethers
    Tie downs
    Lifting points

    Frequently Asked Question: How should I align the load on a folding padeye?

    Folding padeyes differ from conventional padeyes in that the load should be perpendicular to the hinge and bail instead of in line with it. The strongest positions are with the D-ring vertical or leaning towards the fold-down position, which focuses the load on the side anchored with two screws.

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