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Henri Lloyd Dinghy Spray Top

Henri Lloyd

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    Technical Description

    Henri Lloyd Smocks

    Henri Lloyd Smocks offers protection against water and wind chill while remaining breathable. Whether it's for racing or extreme ocean sailing, This Brand has every sailor in mind when it comes to safety. All Sailing Smocks are designed with the highest quality fabrics and materials, which provides the sailors with a comfortable source of protection. At the Mauri Pro Sailing store we stock the following ones.

    • Henri Lloyd Energy Dinghy Smock
    • Henri Lloyd Phoenix Smock
    • Henri Lloyd Phoenix Hooded Smock
    • Henri Lloyd Phoenix Dry Top
    • Henri Lloyd Offshore Elite Racer Smock
    • Henri Lloyd Ocean Pro Smock

    If you need any assistance selecting the adequate Sailing Gear let us know. Our specialists are ready to help you.

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