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Lewmar 40 mm Control Blocks


    Technical Description


    Lewmar 40mm Control Blocks

    40mm Sailboat Control Block from Lewmar at Mauri Pro SailingBall-bearing Lewmar 40mm Control Blocks are ideal for use with hand-held loads on cruising or racing sailboats. These sailing and yachting blocks feature lightweight, performance load-bearing capacity. Lewmar's MRT (Metal Replacement Technology) and a stainless steel central race and balls provide a weight advantage, while Long Fibre Technology offers exceptional strength and durability. The open design allows sand and salt to be flushed out easily, keeping maintenance simple.

    Lewmar Control Block Features:
  • Lightweight
  • Very High Strength
  • Impact Resistance
  • Reduced Friction
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Optimised for hand control

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    Lewmar Color Changes

    Due to Lewmar discontinuing the color grey and switching to black for the products within this category, all products have been updated to show the current product code that matches Lewmar's catalogue.

    Lewmar 40mm Control Blocks Product Code Update
    Old Product Number New Product Code
    LEW29901412 LEW29901412BK
    LEW29194061 LEW29194061BK
    LEW29901420 LEW29901420BK
    LEW29901421 LEW29901421BK
    LEW29901422 LEW29901422BK
    LEW29901423 LEW29901423BK
    LEW29901424 LEW29901424BK
    LEW29901425 LEW29901425BK
    LEW29901426 LEW29901426BK
    LEW29901441 LEW29901441BK
    LEW29901401 LEW29901401BK
    LEW29901429 LEW29901429BK
    LEW29901428 LEW29901428BK
    LEW29901430 LEW29901430BK
    LEW29901447 LEW29901447BK
    LEW29901460 LEW29901460BK
    LEW29901463 LEW29901463BK

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