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Lewmar 60 mm Racing Blocks


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    Technical Description


    Lewmar 60mm Racing Blocks

    Lewmar 60 mm Racing Blocks are designed to achieve the best strength-to-weight ratio within legal race limits. These sailboat blocks feature alloy cheeks and composite sheaves which run on dual Delrin ball races. Lewmar makes these blocks available in a range of sizes and configurations to suit a variety of yachts.

    Racing Block Features:
    • Monocoque Construction
    • 3 in 1 Head
    • Torlon Rollers
    • Delrin Thrust Balls
    • Ratchet fiddle blocks feature alloy ratchet sheaves and recessed ratchet lever

    Selection Guide

    Lewmar Color Changes

    Due to Lewmar discontinuing the color grey and switching to black for the products within this category, all products have been updated to show the current product code that matches Lewmar's catalogue.

    Lewmar 60mm Racing Blocks Product Code Update
    Old Product Number New Product Code
    LEW29901600 LEW29901600BK
    LEW29901611 LEW29901611BK
    LEW29901612 LEW29901612BK
    LEW29901613 LEW29901613BK
    LEW29901614 LEW29901614BK
    LEW29901615 LEW29901615BK
    LEW29901624 LEW29901624BK
    LEW29901631 LEW29901631BK
    LEW29901647  LEW29901647BK
     LEW29941611 LEW29941611BK

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