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Lewmar Size 1 Ocean Cars


    Technical Description


    Lewmar Size 1 Ocean Cars

    Lewmar Size 1 traveler systems are popular on racing and cruising yachts. They provide enough load capacity and mechanical advantage to operate on boats up to 38' (11.5m) with an end-boom mainsheet. For mid-boom mainsheet arrangements (or on multihulls) only use Size 1 travelers on boats up to 34' (10.3m). Suitable for 8 mm (5/16") control line. Fits all Ocean size 1 tracks.

    Selection Guide

    Lewmar Color Changes

    Due to Lewmar discontinuing the color grey and switching to black for the products within this category, all products have been updated to show the current product code that matches Lewmar's catalogue.

    Lewmar Size 1 Ocean Cars Product Code Update
    Old Product Number New Product Code
    LEW29421400 LEW29421400BK
    LEW29431300 LEW29431300BK
    LEW29431311 LEW29431311BK
    LEW29431400 LEW29431400BK
    LEW29431312 LEW29431312BK
    LEW29431315 LEW29431315BK
    LEW29431411 LEW29431411BK
    LEW29431412 LEW29431412BK
    LEW29431415 LEW29431415BK
    LEW29431416 LEW29431416BK
    LEW29431712 LEW29431712BK
    LEW29431916 LEW29431916BK
    LEW29431814 LEW29431814BK

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