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Lewmar Size 3 Genoa Cars


    Technical Description


    Lewmar Size 3 Genoa Cars

    Lewmar Size 3 genoa car systems offer varying purchase from 2:1 (intended for winch use) to 5:1. These genoa lead cars from Lewmar can be used on sailboats up to and beyond 70' (21m) although special consideration should be taken to ensure proper load capacity. For help with this, or to assemble a custom traveler system for even larger yachts, please contact our technical experts for advice. Lewmar Size 3 drilled track is 35mm wide.

    Selection Guide

    Lewmar Color Changes

    Due to Lewmar discontinuing the color grey and switching to black for the products within this category, all products have been updated to show the current product code that matches Lewmar's catalogue.

    Lewmar Size 3 Genoa Cars Product Code Update
    Old Product Number New Product Code
    LEW29443311 LEW29443311BK
    LEW29443611 LEW29443611BK
    LEW29443700 LEW29443700BK
    LEW29443700C LEW29443700CBK
    LEW29443702 LEW29443702BK

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