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Magic Marine PDFs & Life Jackets

Magic Marine

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    Feel comfort and secure! - Magic Marine Buoyancy Aids

    Whether you prefer hiking or trapezing, you need to be protected at your performance. At Mauri Pro Sailing you can find Magic Marine Buoyancy Aids, which are less bulk for give more comfortability and it allows full mobility of the body. This way the sailor will have safety but also lose the movement restrictions. A long the years the Magic Marine Gear designers have created better versions of buoyancy aids, what is shown on the victory of too many sailors worldwide. At our website you can find the following items and a large variety of colors and sizes.

    • Magic Marine Competition Jacket II
    • Magic Marine Match Jacket II
    • Magic Marine Skiff Zipper Jacket
    • Magic Marine Skiff Jacket
    • Magic Marine Revolution Light Jacket
    • Magic Marine Cube Life Jacket

    For further information you might need to select Magic Marine Sailing Gear, please contact us. Our crew is happy to help.

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