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Magic Marine Footwear

Magic Marine

    Product Description

    Grip better, tack harder and hike longer with Magic Marine’s Footwear!

    Magic Marine designs their sailing boots for the sailor in mind with the highest technology and quality, which has been shown over the years of development and improvements of its products. Lightweight, supportive, and comfortability are the three main factors that are used in the design phase. Most of the products are manufacture with M-flex neoprene, which provide the foot full protection to avoid crashes that can be made by an unexpected slip. A good pair of dinghy boots and sailing socks goes a long way in in terms of performance and comfortability, and sailors of all levels can find reliable and comfortable sailing footwear with Mauri Pro Sailing selection of Magic Marine Sailing Footwear. We stock the following items.

    • Magic Marine Sailing Boots
    • Magic Marine Funky Flops
    • Magic Marine Sailing Socks
    • Magic Marine Sailing Shoes

    For further information you might need to select Magic Marine Sailing Gear, please contact us. Our crew is happy to help.

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