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Magic Marine Harnesses

Magic Marine

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    Product Description

    Magic Marine Harness & Complements

    At the Mauri Pro Sailing Store you can find Magic Marine's Harness and Complements to provide you more comfort while you are cruising or racing. Get a look of our products to select what you are looking for depeding on the use you want you give to your sailing harness. We stock sailing harness prepared for any sailing occasion, which you can pick including front zipper or side zipper.

    Most of the Magic Marine's sailing harness present the following characteristics:

    • Water resistant.
    • Adjustable closure system.
    • Adjustable back support.
    • Buckles.
    • Freedom of movement.

    These are some of the main products that we stock at our website.

    • Sailing Harness
    • Seat Half Harness
    • Tube Spreader
    • Quick release spreader
    • Replacement hook for quick release spreader

    If you have any question to be solved please don't hesitate on contacting us. Our crew is happy to help.

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