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NKE Accessories

NKE has developed a Man Over Board rescue aid for you and your crew. This device can face the roughest conditions at sea. It includes one or several pocket size transmitters that are light enough to be worn by a crew member around the neck or on the wrist. A radio receiver is installed on board.

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    Light and ergonomic, the wireless remote control of the Gyropilot Graphic combines autonomy and safety; whether you are at the helm, at the mast foot or at the bow of your boat, the remote control allows you to change the channels on display and to control the auto-pilot to change heading, tack and change piloting mode. All this is done via the universal radio receiver which is connected to the Topline Bus.

    In the event of man over board, the system triggers a sound alarm to alert the crew and displays the heading and distance to reach the man over board.

    If the boat is under pilot control, the latter operates as follows: if your boat is equipped with an anemovane sensor, it will position the boat into the wind; if not, it will position the helm to the limit stop at the opposite side of where it was.

    In addition to this remote control, you can provide your crew members and children with a transmitter called Crew Transmitter (8 maximum per installation) which will trigger the same procedure.

    Quick Specs

    Power Supply
    3.6V lithium battery (*)
    Operating Temperature
    -10°C to +50°C
    Storage Temperature
    -20?C to +60?C
    Waterproof Rating
    IP68 submersible
    (*) Battery life time 1 to 3 years.

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