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Profurl Furler - R350 Spare parts

Profurl R350 Furler Spare Parts are dedicated to improve your boat's performance by raising quickly flying sails. The installation and use of the R350 furler enable you to perform operations safely and simply. If you need any assistance please contact us, our MAURI PRO team is ready to help!

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    Category Description

    Profurl is considered as one of the major market players. Whatever is your sailing program (cruising, racing, off shore), the size of your boat or your budget you will always find the appropriate Profurl product to equip your yacht here at your favorite sailing hardware retailer, Mauri Pro Sailing Store. Profurl's motto is to deliver the best of Profurl technology to all sailors around the world. With great performance and ease of operations, the Profurl R350 Furler (Spare Parts) are dedicated to improve the boat performances by raising quickly flying sails. With a flying sails furler, sailing is not possible with the sail reefed. The installation and use enable to perform operations safely and simply. Developed through Profurl's know-how and R&D, we offer products with the following caracteristics:

    • High performance systems
    • Reliable and maintenance free
    • Ease of use
    • Safety of use
    • Innovative technology - ambitious policy of innovation
    • Reliability of materials thanks to rigorous selection process
    • Products which meet your requirements
    • Quality, reliability, performance and maintenance-free products
    • Continuing traceability ensures better product quality
    • Dedicated After Sales Service via a global network of qualified dealers

    Our crew is fully committed to be your Profurl Hardware specialist not only providing the sailing community with a comprehensive and easy to use web site but with all the appropriate technical information that you might need to select your sailboat hardware and equipment. If you need any assistance selecting the appropriate -----Profurl R350 Furler (Spare Parts) please contact us. Our sailing crew is ready to help!

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