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Ronstan Sailing Gear Bags

    Product Description

    Get your sailing Bag - Ronstan Sailing Gear Bags

    Ronstan line of Sailing Bags includes:

    • Dry Sailing Bag
    • 14 Ltr Backpack
    • 55L Weatherproof Crew Bag
    • 26L Dry-Roll Top Backpack
    • Sailing Bag

    Most of these bags feature an internal pocket to put wet clothing and are also highly water resistant. The external pockets are to keep your sailboat equipment at hand while you are sailing. The adjustable trap is to keep your things secure, whilst you are racing or cruising.

    At Mauri Pro Sailing we stock these products and you can pick them between different colors. For further technical information you might need to select Ronstan Sailing Gear, please contact us. Our crew is happy to help.

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