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SUP Leashes

    Technical Description


    About SUP Leashes

    Even the best Paddlers fall of of their boards eventually, which is where these Leases from Red Paddle and NP come in. We offer a variety coiled and traditional leashes.

    About Red Paddle SUP Leashes

    The leashes from Red Paddle have been designed for flat water paddlers and racers who want to make sure they are not getting any excess drag from their leash being in the water. With an adjustable section to change the length allows this to be used on any length of board without it tugging you backwards.

    About Imagine SUP Leashes

    ┬áif you’re not wiping out, you’re not surfing hard enough. Imagine makes a strong, comfortable leash so you can take spectacular wipeouts all day long. Thick padded ankle cuff, 7mm cord and wide rail saver will keep you and your board safe, no matter how hard you bail! 7' and 10' lengths.

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