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Schaefer 12 Series Blocks


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    Technical Description

    Schaefer's 12 Series Blocks contain powerful 4" diameter sheaves to handle the loads generated by large "offshore" yachts. Highly polished Stainless Steel cheeks are reinforced with Stainless Steel V-Straps for strength and durability under load.

    Precision machined Aluminum sheaves are scored for line or wire and feature our self-contained Universal Circuit package with the Nomex™/Teflon™ composite bearing and twin bearing races for maximum thrust load capacity. Powerful, oversized sheaves and Schaefer's distinctive qualities ensure that your get the lasting quality you need.

    Cheeks are constructed of tumbled and polished Stainless Steel or Hardcoat Anodized Aluminum. Sheaves are computer machined Aluminum Ball Bearing "UC" sheave for line or wire running using our Nomex™/Teflon™ Bearing.

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