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Schaefer Deck Organizers


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    Product Description

    Shop Schaefer Deck Organizers at Mauri Pro Sailing Store, where you will find every single sailing equipement you will need. For over 45 years, Schaefer Marine has led the way in innovative and reliable sailboat and marine hardware.

    Help organize your lines on deck and lower the stress in your sailboat cockpit with a low-profile, high strength Schaefer Deck Organizers. Available in many combinations and in either a brillant Stainless Steel or Black Hardcoat anodized finish. Perfectly suited to work with Schaefer's wide variety of Control Lead Blocks.

    Schaefer Marine has stood at the forefront of Marine hardware design and engineering. Offering rugged, durable gear that will perform no matter how demanding the conditions.

    Help organize your lines and lower the stress in your cockpit with our low-profile, high strength Deck Organizer. Available in many combinations, and either brilliant Stainless Steel or Black hardcoat anodized finish. Perfectly suited to work with our wide variety of control lead blocks.

    Every sailor has their performance needs and style preferences. For further questions, please don't hesitate on contacting us. Our specialists are happy to provide all the information you might need to select the proper Schaefer Sailing Hardware.

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