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Selden Code X Furlers


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    Technical Description

    Selden Code X Furlers

    Furling system for gennaker, Code 0 and stay sail

    Both the gennaker and the Code 0 take over when the spinnaker cannot be carried any more. They do not need a spinnaker pole, lift or downhaul. Sailing off the wind becomes easy, more efficient and definitely more fun.

    Seldén has been manufacturing furling systems since the 80’s and are world market leaders in jib furling and main sail furling. All this experience is put into the Seldén Code X and, as usual, our design focus has been reliable function. Our attention to details combined with low weight makes Seldén Code X easy to handle for the crew.

    The system is operated with an endless furling line running over a line driver. A narrow line guide fitting leads the line on to the line driver and gives a good grip. A wedge shaped line stripper separates the line when unfurling, allowing the line driver to spin freely. The furling line is usually led all the way back to the cockpit.

    To help handling the endless control line, Seldén have a new custom Tandem-block. This is a fiddle block with two cam cleats. As an alternative, a shorter furling line can be operated by the foredeck crew.

    Product No. Model Max working load Max suggested sail area Max RM at 30°
    heel, when used
    with Code 0
    545-100-10 CX15 15 kN
    (3372 lb/f)
    80 m² 45 kN/m
    (33190 lb/ft)
    545-200-10 CX25 25 kN
    (5620 lb/f)
    115 m² 90 kN/m
    (66380 lb/ft)
    545-400-10 CX40 40 kN
    (8992 lb/f)
    200 m² 180 kNm
    (132761 lb/ft)


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