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Selden Gennaker Bowsprits


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    Product Description

    Making the best yacht rigging systems in the world is only part of Mauri Pro Sailing Store's business. This Seldén's sailing equipment offers has proved to be perfect for rig systems for dinghies and keelboats. So no matter the size of your boat, whether you push your equipment to the very limit, or just enjoy leisurely cruising, you might want to go Seldén and you'll benefit from reliable top-class gear. This brand's philosophy can be summed up as quality thinking and system thinking, and a continuous quest to achieve the best possible function for each product.

    Selden always aims for perfection and when it comes to designing new products, no detail is too small. Boaters have come to love the wide range of products we can provide, ranging from Blocks to Bowsprits to Reversible Winches, there is no shortage of what we cannot provide for your vessel. From the choice of materials to the rigorous testing of the finished product, Selden will always maintain a level of care and perfection in their process. Quality and system thinking is one of their main philosophies and Selden is continuing to strive to achieve the best possible function for each product, so that all vessels may reach perfection.

    • Strict Quality Control
    • Top Quality Materials
    • Top Performance and Perfect Interaction

    If you have any questions or issue about Selden Gennaker Bowsprits, please feel free to contact us, our crew will be more than happy to help.

    Technical Information

    Product No. Material Diameter Max Length
    072-072-70 Aluminum 72/72mm 2080mm
    075-075-70 Aluminum 75/75mm 2230mm
    087-087-70 Aluminum 87/87mm 2270mm
    099-099-70 Aluminum 99/99mm 3160mm
    120-120-70 Aluminum 120/120mm 3560mm
    076-076-70 Carbon 76/76mm
    088-088-70 Carbon 88/88mm 2997mm
    089-089-70 Carbon 89/89mm 2997mm
    101-101-70 Carbon 101/101mm 2997mm
    120-120-90 Carbon 120/120mm 2997mm


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