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Spinlock Deckware Deckvest

Spinlock Deckware

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    Product Description

    Spinlock Deckvest

    Spinlock Deckware Series includes the award winning Deckvest  the world leading lifejacket harness. Where there had been no significant technical or aesthetic change for over thirty years Spinlock developed a completely new and personal lifejacket harness solution that was attractive and comfortable to wear. Active campaigning by Spinlock about the Deckvest and the importance of wearing your own lifejacket harness has helped encourage a much more positive attitude towards sea safety. Power or sail, amateur, professional or commercial, wearing a well-fitting personal lifejacket has now become the norm. 

    Please don't hesitate on visiting our website. We are fully commited to provide you the highest quality on Spinlock to sail secure and comfortable. 

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