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Sta-Lok Terminal Eye Insulators

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    Product Description

    Sta Lok Insulators

    Insulated Standing Rigging provides the ideal antenna for radio transmission and reception. Sta-Lok Insulators have proven themselves over the years to be an effective and totally reliable method of converting yacht backstays into radio antenna. The main body of the Sta-Lok Insulator consists of an ingenious steel assembly which is embedded in a black weather-proof nylon moulding, designed to exceed the breaking load of the back stay. 

    Please don't hesitate on visiting our website. We are fully commited to provide you the highest quality on Sta Lok Insulators to sail secure and comfortable. You will also be able to have close at hand technical information that you might need to select your Sta Lok sailing hardware and equipment and yacht accessories. If you need any assistance selecting the appropriate Insulators please contact us. Our crew is ready to help.

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