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Velocitek Speedpuck


    Technical Description


    Velocitek Speedpuck

    If you race sailboats, the benefits of an accurate speedometer are probably already fairly obvious to you. Even still, you might not sail with a speedo because you can’t be bothered to drill holes in your hull and wire-up a paddlewheel transducer. Or maybe you already have a through-hull speedo but you’re sick of the transducer getting fouled and you’re never quite sure if the instrument is properly calibrated. The award winning Velocitek SpeedPuck is completely self contained and can be installed in seconds, without tools. Instead of using a paddlewheel, the SpeedPuck calculates your speed by measuring the Doppler shift in GPS signals to provide you with an updated reading every half-second. The SpeedPuck never needs to be calibrated and maintains uniform accuracy at all speeds.

    Speedpuck Features:

    • Speed display - shows speed and wind shift indicator
    • Heading display - shows GPS heading and wind shift indicator
    • Maximum Speed
    • Wind shift indicator can be disabled
    • 27mm tall digits

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