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    Windsurfing Boards

    About JP Windsurf Boards

    JP Twinster Quad Pro Windsurf Board - Twinser or Quad – it’s your call. As Quads they have more bite and control. As Twinsers the boards are slightly more loose (we recommend 2cm longer fins in similar conditions). The Twinser Quad line stands out with a huge range of use and radical performance in all wave conditions. They turn so easily and so radically that they will make you be able to do turns in ways you never thought would be possible. 

    JP Single Thruster Windsurf Board- These fast and versatile wave boards offer a vast range of use in the Thruster set-up. Additionally, they can be fine-tuned to suit your individual style and the given conditions. They convincingly perform in all sorts of wave conditions. You will love them for their ease of use in the waves and the potential to rip the wave to pieces when wanted. With improved planing power they qualify as bump and jump high wind boards, too. 

    JP Freestyle Wave Windsurf Board- Great all-rounders with a unbelievably wide range of use. Delivering a perfect balance of wave, seriously fast bump & jump and freestyle performance. The four small Pro Editions additionally handle any kind of wave conditions (from side-on to side-off) because of the Thruster setup. Their range of use is as wide open as your ambition and mind. 

    JP Freestyle Windsurf Board - Steven van Broeckhoven and shaper Werner Gnigler have developed the three sizes, 90,100 and 106. Two of the sizes were already flawless for today’s powerful double moves and trick combos. These moves require fast and direct boards with explosive pop – even a 2nd and 3rd time – and the 90 and 100 were up to that! Steven and Youp Schmit are more than happy with their feeling and performance. So they left them unchanged. Nevertheless, Steven had the intention to adapt the light air freestyle board not only to fulfill the highest standards of modern freestyle in lighter winds but also to make it feel as radical as its smaller brothers. 

    JP All Ride Windsurf Board - Sporty, easy early planing, super comfortable, seriously fast. Easy and very forgiving jiber’s. Also work great in rolling waves like you find in Greece and Egypt….. If you plan to ride real breaking waves consider – the Freestyle Wave line, which requires a slightly more advanced rider. As the All Ride name says it – you can ride anything with them – flatwater, bumpy conditions and rolling waves. You got it all. 

    JP Magic Ride Windsurf Board - Their amazing maneuverability and their reliability to carve steady arcs inspire to try some classic freestyle moves. Short and wide boards often run into control problems in choppy conditions. Not with the Magic Rides the maximum width is slightly in front of the center resulting in a smooth and even outline which provides enormous control at high speed. They will feel like the smallest boards of this width that you have ever sailed. 

    JP X-Cite Ride Windsurf Board
    - Sporty, fast and lively, these new freeride boards are re-designed for more performance and still preserve all of the proven X-Cite Ride attributes like easy riding and control. PLUS, they are very exciting and fun to ride, jibe and carve. Already X-Cited? Jump on the new boards and feel the performance PLUS! 

    JP Super Sport Windsurf Board
    - The Super Sports are as fast as ever whilst being a lot easier to ride and handle than true Slalom boards. For advanced riders it’s easy to get maximum performance out of them. You can stand totally relaxed and transfer all the sail power into the board to accelerate more and more. It’s easy to stay in control when blasting back and forth as well as in the high speed carving jibes. Really fun and fast boards for sporty riders. 

    JP Super Lightwind Windsurf Board
    - They get you planing in almost no wind and deliver an unbelievable combination of totally relaxed blasting and an electric sensation of speed. Be the first one to plane at any spot – just sheet in and go. 

    JP Speed Windsurf Board - For that daredevil inside you! There is nothing like the feeling of flying down a speed course totally maxed out and being right on the edge. This is what these boards are made for. They are designed and developed for those who have the guts to put the pedal to the metal and go for it. They have rocket-like acceleration, feel super loose on the water and reach unbelievable, almost unlimited top speed. Take the biggest sail you can possibly hold, sheet in and have lots of fun, and have faith in the knowledge that you will stay in control even at the highest of speeds. These boards have no limits and will go as fast as you dare to go. 

    JP Young Gun Windsurf Board -
    JP developed the Young Gun boards with the special needs of the new generation in mind. They come with a reduced stance width and a shorter distance between footstrap plugs for more narrow feet and also with many different footstrap options for youngsters of all sizes and sailing levels. They work for young guns up to around 50 kilos. 

    JP Explorer ASA+EVA Windsurf Board
    - It fulfills its duties as beginner board and shines with its enormous range of use, progressively unleashing its sporty potential the better you get! Play, learn, cruise, glide and have fun in all conditions. This board covers it all – a true all-round funboard. 

    JP Funster ASA+EVA Windsurf Board - The Funsters combine the easy handling of a super stable beginner board with the performance of a larger freeride board. They are excellent beginner and family boards. Advanced riders can also have fun on them. They have comfortable EVA decks and lots of different footstrap options. This allows you to slowly move from an easy cruising setup, to a sportier stance out on the rail of the board. They all come with indestructible, detachable fiberglass nose protectors.

    About Naish WIndsurf Boards

    Wave- The Wave is a highly versatile board shape designed to deliver true surfing performance in essentially any wave condition around the world.It features added nose length for pop over white water and thinned-out rails for superior grip while bottom turning and smacking the lip.  Designed with a fast rocker, wing-pin tail and thruster fin set-up, the Wave delivers quick planing, outstanding board control and incredible rail-to-rail carving.

    Starship-The Starship was designed for early planing, thrilling straight-line speed and easy, yet exciting, maneuverability. It rides super smooth in a wide range of conditions and allows riders the freedom to progress their skill level.

    Freestyle-The Freestyle is designed for dedicated tricksters looking for a high performance freestyle board for competition and radical flatwater maneuvers. It is extremely lightweight and delivers incredible acceleration and pop.It features a double concave deck in the stance area which allows the rider to maintain an upright, centered stance for instant planing and a winger tail for fast maneuvering.

    Bullet-The Bullet is designed for riders who want ultra-fast performance and total control at extremely high speeds.It features a molded carbon Deboichet SL7 fin, which provides blistering acceleration and maintains board control as speed increases.  The Bullet’s fast rocker line amplifies early planing and delivers limitless top-end speed potential.

    GT- The GT is the perfect board for freeride sailors who crave quick planing and smooth jibing.It features an incredibly versatile shape that is easy to ride and has an exceptionally stable feel. The GT’s rocker line provides board control, fast acceleration onto a plane and easy jibing at both low and high speeds.It is also available in Sport technology for those who want the GT shape in a value construction

    Kailu- The Kailua is the ideal board for novice sailors of all weights and sizes who want unmatched stability to learn the basics of windsurfing in both planing and non-planing conditions.It features a full EVA deck and an integrated nose bumper for maximum durability and long lasting use.  The Kailua’s rocker line amplifies early planing and makes jibing extremely easy for beginner windsurfers.It is also available in SE technology with an easy-to-repair, non-skid deck, making it the perfect entry level board for schools and rental centers.






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