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Zhik Boots

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    Zhik Ankle Soft Sole Boot
    The Ankle Soft Sole Boot is for trapezing or skiff sailors who want the Zhikgrip upper and high grip sole in a smaller boot.

    Zhik Soft Sole Boot
    The 4mm Zhik Soft Sole Neoprene boot is designed for maximum support, comfort and durability. This boot features a ZhikGrip upper and a Custom high grip sole. The Side lace system helps with the supportive upper construction with 50mm ankle strap.

    Zhik Racing Boot
    The 2mm Neoprene lightweight Zhik race boot is designed for ultimate feel and control. This boot has a Zhikgrip upper and custom high grip sole. Side lace system assists the lightweight yet supportive upper construction with 50mm ankle strap.

    Zhik Barefoot Boot
    The new Zhik barefoot boot is an improvement on the Boot 50. Now with built in ankle strap, and more durable rubber. Get a grip, and ankle support, while maintaining an open heel and open split toe for maximizing sensitivity.

    Zhik SuperWarm
    Zhik Neoprene technology for your feet. This waterproof construction with glued and blind stitched seams for superior warmth in cold conditions.

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