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Andersen Electric Winches


    Technical Description

    Andersen Electric Winches

    Take the hard work out of your sailing time with Anderen's Standard Electric Winches. They allow you to raise the sails or trim the sheets with the push of a button to expand the range of weather conditions in which you can safely set sail. If you enjoy short-handed sailing or have a large, hard-to-control mainsail or genoa, electric winches are a great choice. Easily user installed and maintained, ANDERSEN Electric Winches are supplied complete with an easy-to-follow installation manual, electronics box, switches and cable terminals. They can be installed in the same position as your current winches by removing the old winches, drilling matching holes for the winch and motor drive, and making the electrical connections. Safe for extended offshore use, the motor is protected from overload by an amperage sensor to cut off power at a pre-set overload. All electric motors are also fitted with thermal cut-outs in case of overheating.

    An Andersen exclusive, the Compact Electric Winch motor uses non-carbon brush technology to virtually eliminate the wear and tear of traditional electric motor designs. It uses 30-50% less power, yet can be positioned within the diameter of a standard winch mounting footprint for tight space applications. Available in two models for either Above Deck or Below Deck motor placement. Extremely easy to install and maintain, it integrates the motor, gears and power control into one compact unit with no extra control box necessary. Cables can be connected directly to the motor base

    As with all Amdersen Winches, they feature the exclusive stainless steel Power Rib drum for maximum power and extended line life. The electric and self-tailing models also uses an exclusive self-tailing device that automatically accommodates a wide range of different line sizes.

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