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Antal Sailboat Blocks


    Technical Description

    Antal Blocks

    At the Mauri Pro Sailing Store you can find a ton of different types of Antal Blocks to pick the one that fits best for your boat. These blocks many uses depeding on the piece you are looking for and the kind of the boat. To make the selection easier, we have blocks specialists that are more than happy to help with any question you may have. These blocks are designed to make sail handling safe to you. Big Boat blocks are designed to handle the heavy loads associated with halyards, sheets, control lines and running backstays on large sailboats.

    The following items are some of the Antal Blocks you may need to your boat.

    • Looper Blocks
    • XXL Blocks
    • Composite Fibre Blocks
    • Double Stopper Blocks
    • Hollow Pin Deck Blocks
    • Halyard Blocks
    • High Load Blocks
    • Snatch Blocks
    • OPF Blocks

    For any assitance you might need to select Antal Sailboat Hardware please contact us. Our specialist are fully commited to provide you all the technical information you may require.

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