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    Technical Description

    Antal Sailboat Winches

    Winches are one of the most important pieces of hardware on a sailor's boat. At Mauri Pro Sailing you can look into several subcategories with the purpose to specify the type of Antal winches, which you can find. Those winches are also sold based on material as well, whether you want the light weight of an aluminum winch, an appealing chrome sailboat winch or if you are looking for the visual aesthetic of a stainless steel yacht winch. We stock the following items, to find more visit our website.

    • Antal Electric Winches
    • Antal Breakers
    • Antal Control Boxes
    • Antal Switches
    • Antal Winches- Aluminum
    • Antal Winches- Classic
    • Antal Winches- Self Tailing

    Please don’t hesitate on contacting us, we are happy to provide any assistance you might need to select the perfect primary genoa winches, secondary winches, halyard winches or specialty winches for racing or cruising. Powerful and high quality sailboat winches are important for the types of high loads encountered on sheets, guys, halyards and other control lines.

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