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Forespar Whisker Poles


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    Forespar Whisker Poles

    Forespar makes aluminum whisker poles, carbon whisker poles and whisker poles that are a combination of both. All full size Forespar Whisker poles use Line Control, a proven concept in telescoping whisker pole design. So unique, that full patent protection has been secured by Forespar. The Forespar line control system is simple, and makes the extension and retraction of whisker poles quick and easy. And most amazing of all...the entire operation can be executed while being positioned at the mast. It is no longer necessary to go forward to adjust buttons of any kind - simply uncleat the line and extend or retract (never attempt to adjust while under load). The cleat is conveniently located close to the in boat end of the pole. Extending a Forespar whisker pole is quick and easy even with the largest poles. Forespar Carbon Whisker poles allow for significant weight savings and are available in all carbon and carbon/ aluminum whisker pole versions. Forespar Twist lock whisker poles are a great affordable headsail handling solution for small sailboats. The twist lock whisker poles are speced for boats up to 28 feet.

    Get a look at the following categories of Forespar Whisker Poles and find more at our website.

    • Line Control Whisker Poles
    • Lock Whisker Poles
    • Spinnaker Poles
    • Mast Cars
    • Pole End Fittings
    • Padeyes
    • Tracks & Accessories

    At the Mauri Pro Sailing website we stock Forespar Whisker Poles that gives you line control while staying at the mast, instead of going forward to adjust buttons. Forespar Telescoping poles are available that can be adjusted to whatever length the sailor desires to help the sailor remain in control. Carbon Fiber Whisker Poles makes the poles 50% lighter than other aluminum poles but still stiff to hold. We are more than happy to provide all the information and help at our reach you might need to select hardware equipment. Our crew is ready to help.

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