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Gill Sailing Foul Weather Gear

Your sailing jacket should be durable, breathable, comfortable and waterproof. Thanks to our rigourous testing, Gill men's sailing jackets are all of these things and more, boasting the versatility to keep you warm and dry - wherever you are.

    Category Description

    No more excuses for not going sailing! - Gill Foul Weather Gear At the Mauri Pro Sailing Store you can find Gill Sailing Gear manufactured by the highest technology of the textile industry. Don't let the foul weather to stop you from doing what you love, you just need to select the proper sailing clothing for that. We stock at Foul Weather Gear categories the following items and more.
    • Gill Foul Weather Jackets
    • Gill Sailing Trousers
    • Gill Pro Salopettes
    • Gill Racer Foul Weather Gear
    • Gill Racer Smocks

    You can select those items by different colors, sizes and gender. We also stock sailing gear for kids. If you need any assistance selecting marine apparel, please let us know. Our Sailing Gear specialists are very happy to help you.

    Improve your performance by selecting the proper Foul Weather Gear!

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