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Gill Layering

    Product Description


    Gill Layering i2 Thermals
    The i2 Base layer from Gill is made using Activated Carbon derived from bamboo and can be worn alone as a cooling technical layer or under a shell for thermal insulation. Activated bamboo charcoal is naturally and permanently anti-bacterial. It has an extraordinary micro structure that is highly porous and creates a highly absorbent capacity after carbonization, and becomes even more effective after activation

    Gill Layering i3 Microfleece Layers
    The Gill i3 is a performance midlayer or thermal base layer for use in cold conditions. The athletic fit and flat-knit face make it ideal for use beneath outer layers.

    Gill Grid MicrofleeceGill Women's Grid Microfleece Layer
    The Grid Microfleece Gill Zip Neck is a highly effective lightweight thermal fleece with a rasied waffle texture. This gridded pattern traps and channels warm air and helps prevent body heat loss. Wear as a part of your Gill layering system as an insulating mid-layer or simply as a casually styled top perfect for off-board R&R.

    Gill i4 Fleece
    The i4 fleece from Gill provides excellent warmth so it is ideal for cooler conditions. It is highly breathable and can be worn as a warm mid layer or as a comforabtle outer layer.

    Gill i4 Technical Bodywarmers
    The Technical Bodywarmer by Gill uses a synthetic lofted insulation with a lightweight micro-roptop shell. Ideal for active sailing use, this wind resistant garment can be worn as a layering pieve in cold conditions and helps to preserve core body heat.

    Gill i5 Crosswind Jacket and Salopettes
    The i5 Gill Crosswind is a truly versatile performer. Benefiting from thermal insulation properties and being a fully taped waterproof it can be worn as either a mid layer or an outer layer in light conditions. The Crosswind is constructed from a 2 Dot™ waterproof and breathable laminated fabric.

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