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Gill Smocks & Spray Tops

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    Gill Dinghy Smocks and Spray TopsGill Juniors Sailing Pro Top Smock

    Gill Pro Smock Top
    The Gill Pro Top has been engineered for unrestricted movement and incredible waterproof defense during performance sailing. This smock's protective design is enhanced by adjustable PU collar and cuffs, a non-lift neoprene waistband and front zip neck closure for cooling ventilation. A non-intrusive zipped pocket is positioned on the back for essentials. A versatile performer, the Pro Top smock from Gill can be used for dinghy sailing, sport boats and other wet keelboats, or on the bow of grand prix yachts.

    Gill Dinghy Spray Top
    The Gill Dinghy Spray Top offers lightweight protection from the elements. This fully taped spray top is designed with freedom of movement in mind and is made using a fully waterproof, windproof & breathable 2 Dot™ 2 layer fabric. Glideskin collar and cuffs and an elasticated hem ensure that the wearer remains dry and comfortable. The spray top also features a velcro front pocket for essentials.

    Gill Thermal Dinghy Spray Top
    A favorite for cold weather sailing is the cozy Gill Thermal Dinghy Top. A fleece lining and high collar provide warmth and protection, while the stretch PU cuffs and adjustable neoprene waistband provide a comfortable seal. This spray top features 3 layer waterproof and breathable laminated softshell fabric, durable outer shell and thermal micro-fleece lining, and a high collar for extra warmth.

    Gill Keelboat Smocks and Spray Tops

    Gill OC Ocean Racer SmockGill Ocean Sailboat Racing Smock
    Race tested under the most grueling sailing conditions imaginable, the next-generation Ocean Racer Smock from Gill has seen action across the Southern Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and even completed the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race before Gill gave it their final approval. The OC smock is fully seam sealed and made with an abrasion resistant 5 Dot™ 3-layer laminated fabric with a protective inner scrim and a durable water repellent finish. This smock features next generation SuperFabric protection zones protect against wear and tear from the toughest of surfaces as well as heat applied shoulder pads for harness protection, plus a wealth of other features for maximum protection and comfort on the high seas.

    Gill OS2 Smock
    The OS2 3-Layer Smock from Gill is a truly accomplished performer, designed to handle serious offshore and coastal sailing. Essential protection is provided by the PU neck seal, particularly useful for any foredeck work. Made from Gill's exclusively developed 3 Dot™ soft touch fabric, providing incredible levels of breathability and full on waterproof protection. The OS2 is everything an offshore coastal smock needs to be.

    Gill KB1 Keelboat Racer Smock
    The Keelboat Racer or KB1 Smock from Gill is next generation foul weather gear for the performance keel boat racer. Designed for those needing trustworthy wet weather protection without excess weight. This smock features Gill's new 4 Dot™ 3-layer fabric, the perfect blend of waterproof barrier, breathable comfort and durability.

    Gill Race Waterproof Smock
    The ultimate performance racing range. This race smock by Gill has been designed, tested and race proven for use in warmer conditions where weight, performance, and protection can be the key to success. Stripped down to the bare essentials, the Race Waterproof Smock is so incredibly light it has set a new benchmark for performance sailing clothing.

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