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Gill Junior Sailing Gear

    Product Description

    Gill Junior Sailing Gear

    Gill Junior Coast Foul Weather Gear
    The Gill Coast junior foul weather gear line is an accomplished coastal/inshore option for kids. Made from a waterproof and breathable 2 Dot™ fabric, it offers excellent weather protection and all-round performance available in youth sizes.

    Gill Junior Dinghy Gear
    Gill has a complete line of dinghy gear for junior sailors. The Gill Junior Pro Top has been engineered for unrestricted movement and incredible waterproof defense during performance sailing. The Junior Pro Drysuit is the all-in-one answer to keeping dry, this suit really will protect the junior sailor from the elements. Gill Junior Wetsuits use flatlock construction and variable neoprene thickness to maximize flexibility and movement and high-tenacity materials keep wear to a minimum.

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