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Harken Genoa Lead Cars

Find your Harken Genoa Lead Cars at MAURI PRO Sailing Store! If you need any assistance please contact us, our MAURI PRO team is ready to help!

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    At the Mauri Pro Sailing Store you can find Harken Genoa Lead Cars, which allow sailors to efficiently change the angle of the genoa so it has a better shape. Good for use with partially furled genoas meaning cruisers can equip this on their boat as well. Available in both T-track and ball bearing configuration, there are several options to choose from. The Pinstop slider allows cruisers to set the angle of the genoa using a pin for easy and worry free sailing.

    The Multi-track is usable for adjustable cars using a line and cam cleat to secure the car in place, ideal for the #1 and the #2 size Genoa. Use the low-profile Barberhauler system on racing boats with non-overlapping jibs, which use an inhauler to control the slot size. For a self-tacking jib use the Harken Crossbow lead car system. Ideal for high-performance dinghies and catamarans under six meters. Need help deciding the perfect genoa lead car system for your boat? Contact us, and our crew will be happy to help.

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