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Harken Sheaves


    Product Description

    Find the appropiate Sailing Equipment! Harken Sheaves we offer all sailors around the world at Mauri Pro Sailing come in different 4 styles. Each style will provide you with with several sizes and options that are right for your boat. Take a look at the following sub-categories available.

    Self-Contained Sheaves are designed for sailors to use in custom applications. Then, Big Boat Sheaves are available for special applications as well as for replacement sheaves in Big Boat blocks. Next come the High-Load Sheaves that are offered as replacement parts or for use in special applications. Finally, the Narrow high-load sheaves in mastheads improve sail handling, speed sail changes, and allow the use of smaller, lighter halyard winches.

    • Harken Self-Contained Sheaves
    • Harken Big Boat Sheaves
    • Harken High-Load Sheaves
    • Harken Narrow Halyard & Steering Sheaves

    For further questions, please don't hesitate on contacting us. Our specialists are happy to provide all the information you might need to select the proper Harken Yacht Hardware to win your sailing races.

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