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Harken Traveler & Genoa Cars

Find your Harken Traveler & Genoa Cars at MAURI PRO Sailing Store! If you need any assistance please contact us, our MAURI PRO team is ready to help!

    Category Description

    Harken provides us with many options to choose from when it comes to traveler cars. At Mauri Pro Sailing you can find from micro to small boat and midrange to big boat, where every design has its purpose, which is in general to improve all sailor's sailing performance wherever they are. Take a look at the following sub-categories we offer:

    • Harken Dinghy Jib Leads & Tracks
    • Harken Crossbow Pivoting Self-Tacking Jib Traveler
    • Harken 13 mm Micro
    • Harken 22 mm Small Boat
    • Harken 27 mm Midrange
    • Harken 32 mm Big Boat
    • Harken Windward Sheeting Car
    • Harken CRX
    • Harken 42 mm Mini Maxi
    • Harken 64 mm Maxi
    • Harken T-Track Genoa Lead Tracks
    • Harken Access Rail System

    Harken Micro Blocks are designed to be ultra lightweight and durable for dinghies and catamarans while Small Boat CB Traveler Cars fit larger dinghies, beach cats and offshore boats up to 8 meters. For boats 8 to 10 m we recommend using the 27 mm Midrange Traveller Car and for boats up to 21 m (70 feet) we suggest equipping the 32 mm Big Boat Traveller Car.

    We are a group of specialists that would be happy to help if you have any questions as to which Sailboat Block would fit best and which preferred sailing conditions, feel free to contact our crew.

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