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Lewmar Electric Winches

Find a complete range of Lewmar Electric Winches at Mauri Pro Sailing Store. If you need any assistance please contact us, our team is ready to help!

    Category Description

    Lewmar created electric winches that work with just one push of a button. It is different from other winches by have a quiet sound as it works, a manual override, simple installation, and a series wound motor.

    Lewmar Electric Winches- 12V Kits
    The Lewmar electric winch range are made to work at a push of a button. Whether you buy an electrically-operated winch complete or retro-fit the compact electric motor/controller unit, the EVO provides improved sail control. Purchase the Aluminum 12V Full Electric Winch Kit with either the E-series controller or the ELS (Electric Load Sensing) controller. Both come with a thermal trip, which makes sure the motor cuts off when there is excessive heat. The ELS is controlled by an Overload Protection Control Box which allows the winch to be used only in safe working loads. When it becomes an unsafe working load, it cuts off. It can be restarted and used again when the load has lighted up.

    Some of the subcategories we offer are the following:
    • Alloy Black
    • Allow Grey
    • Chrome Bronze
    • EVO Conversion Kit

    If you are looking for the best Lewmar winches you are in the right place. Lewmar winch are perfect to pull in or let out wind, or even to adjust the rope tension or wire rope tension. These really functional and useful sailing equipment product is able to help all sailors improve their sailing performance. All sailors around the world are equipping their boats, so don't be late and adquire your sailing products as soon as possible! Nevertheless, Lewmar winches are extremely helpful for all sort of sailing activities, whether you are cruising or racing around the world, a Lewmar winch will be always useful.

    At the same time, we have available diferent sizes, colors and styles of Lewmar Lewmar winches that will perfectuly fit your boat, whether it is small or big, we will provide you with the best Lewmar winches. If that wasn't enough we stock several sailing products related to Lewmar winches such as Lewmar WInch Maintenance Kits, Lewmar Winch Handles and numerous Lewmar spare parts that will help you equip your boat with the best quality sailing equipment.

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