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Lewmar Windlasses


    Technical Description


    Lewmar Windlasses

    Whether you own a small fishing boat, a 100-foot cruiser or a mid-size sailboat, Lewmar has a windlass designed to fit your exact needs. Each one is crafted with durability, convenience and affordability in mind. Both vertical and horizontal designs are sleek and attractive to complement your boat.

    Lewmar Pro Sport Windlasses
    Lewmar's Pro-Sport windlass is designed as an efficient package for rope and chain applications, that doesn’t compromise quality or performance. Pro-Sport is designed around an efficient spur gearbox, using smaller, more powerful permanent magnet motors. It has a rugged aluminum center case and durable composite side covers makes Pro-Sport perfect for harsh conditions. Complete with push-button control, anchoring has never been easier. If you are looking for a reliable, simple anchor windlass for a light displacement boat, this is the perfect windlass to suit your needs.

    Lewmar Pro-Series Windlasses
    Praised by professionals worldwide, the horizontal Pro-Series is an example of Lewmar's commitment to provide quality products for boats from 6 m -11.5 m (20-38 ft). It's DIY-ready, and housed in stainless steel, making it well protected and durable. With a push-button control and a built-in manual emergency recovery system, anchoring is simplified.

    Lewmar Pro-Fish Windlasses
    The Pro-Fish models is the ultimate windlass for fisherman. The Pro-fish has an auto-freefall that allows you to pull right up over a wreck or ledge, and drop anchor with speed and precision. No more running your motor and wasting fuel while you hover fish. You can even retrieve your anchor just as fast and simple, with the push of a button. Plus, the Pro-Fish is DIY-ready

    Lewmar H2 and H3 Series Windlasses
    The horizontal H2 Series and H3 Series Windlasses use the consistent worm gearbox technology. The integral contactor simplifies wiring and is protected by a durable maincase. The unit's waterproof seal requires minimum maintenance, and can be installed in one piece.

    Lewmar CPX Series Windlasses
    Lewmar has created a new range of light vertical windlass to compliment the current V range. The CPX windlasses feature stainless steel and aluminum construction for durability and weight savings. They use the same worm-wheel gearbox as other Lewmar windlasses, and made to be easy to service than previous generations.

    Lewmar C Series Windlasses
    Lewmar's C series Capstans provide almost effortless rope control with just a press of the footswitch. The WARP™ (Wear and Abrasion Resistant Pattern) finished drum optimizes performance and reduces rope wear up to 30%. Stainless steel components combine strength, anti-corrosion, and durability with a beautiful, clean polished finish. Installation of the C3 is quick, just needs to be fastened from above deck.

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