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Magic Marine Sailing Gear

Magic Marine

    Product Description

    Magic Marine Sailing Gear

    Magic Marine is one of the biggest brands that we stock at Mauri Pro Sailing specialized on sailing gear that covers different kind of performance on the ocean. This brand made its name developing new ideas for harnesses and neoprene clothing for sailors. Over the years, the brand has developed into one of the leading designers in technical sailing gear and is often worn by many of today's Olympic sailors. New materials, comfort and endurance are what this brand builds upon. Magic Marine stands for performance based sailing gear and covers the wide range of disciplines, including the introduction of faster, more dangerous boats. With the world of sailing constantly evolving and pushing more limits, Magic Marine pushes to be one step ahead of the game to provide sailors with high end gear.

    Mauri Pro Sailing carries an extensive selection of Magic Marine products, some of them are the following ones:

    • Magic Marine Sailing Headwear & Caps
    • Magic Marine Harnesses
    • Magic Marine Marine bags
    • Magic Marine Smocks & Spray Tops
    • Magic Marine Dinghy Boots
    • Magic Marine Dry suits
    • Magic Marine Buoyancy Aids
    • Magic Marine Pants & Shorts

    For further information you might need to select the suitable sailing gear please let free to visit our website or contacts us.

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