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Naish Windsurf


    Technical Description


    About Naish Boardriding
    Naish is a company that’s not afraid to tread its own path. Based on Maui, Hawaii, they began life as an innovative windsurfing company and over the years, have evolved and grown into the brand you see today. With wind, water and waves in their blood, team Naish has always looked for new and exciting ways to help everyone enjoy the world of boardriding. Proud of its heritage, Naish kiteboarding embraces their past while constantly looking forward for ways to improve.

    Today Naish is a leading force in windsurfing, kiteboarding, and stand up paddling. With multiple world championship titles in each sport and tens of thousands of sails, kites, and boards under their belt, Naish truly lives and breathes boardriding. Through innovative designs and engineering, state-of-the-art production techniques and advanced materials, Naish continues to push the envelope with industry leading boardriding products year after year.

    Whether you windsurf, kiteboard or stand up paddle, you can be confident that they have just what you need to take your riding to the next level, regardless of your skill set.

    About Naish Windsurfing
    Naish Windsurfing began as a windsurfing company headed by Robby Naish. Today the company still stands on this foundation that has been innovated ever since the beginning. Even after all of these years, Robby Naish still enjoys the constantly evolving sport of windsurfing as there is always something new to try or something old to refine, which is a motto that carries over even into their line of windsurfing products. With this in mind, both Robby Naish and Naish Windsurfing will not be slowing down any time soon in this ever changing sport.

    New to the Naish 2014 Windsurfing line is the Global windsurfing board. The Global carries a fast furning rail and is very quick to plane. The sharp mid-section rails gives this board superior grip and speed in bottom and top turns for backslide riding. Even though this board is designed to be a fast and easy ride in onshore conditions, the Global is is great small side shore waves. Naish Windsurfing has also developed the Crossover Air board that doubles as a stand-up paddle board which is ideal for flatwater cruising and longboard style wave riding. This board excels in light to moderate wind conditions and uses a slide in dagger fin for great upwind performance no matter the wind strength.

    From a distance, the Naish Windsurfing line has sails that are designed in a league of their own. Even the beginner sail, the Scout SE, is a recognized Naish design in color and features. Designed to make beginner windsurfing fun, the Scout has a responsive shape that works well for all riders who are new to the sport. This easy handling has been added even to the upper level sails such as the Vibe, which is easy to control and uses Naish's Fusion Construction, which makes the sail exceptionally lightweight and durable.

    Naish delivers premium quality board riding products that you can depend on session after session, day after day, for years to come. The future of windsurfing is taking shape and gathering pace, and Naish is leading the charge! Are you ready?

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