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    Technical Description


    O'pen BIC Sailboat: The Performance Dinghy for Kids

    Fun, Recreation, and Racing
    The O'pen BIC has brought a wind of change to the world of dinghy sailing for kids. Designed specifically for kids, the O'pen BIC is a true glide machine for real excitement on the water. The O'pen BIC, with its modern and powerful rig, is a fast boat, quick to respond, self-bailing, and is fitted by top marine equipment manufacturers (North, Ronstan, FSE Robline). The O'pen BIC is THE link between the Optimist generation and the new generation of sailing dinghies.

    Open Bic SailboatO'pen Bic: Energized Sailing
    Launched in 2006, the O'pen BIC has already convinced thousands of young sailors around the world. Kids love its fun factor, its capacity to react fast and its prowess. An ISAF international class is also very active for those who enjoy competitive racing. Racers benefit from the energetic international class association and from the motivation of many national federations who have selected the O'pen BIC for their clubs. This enthusiasm and appeal for the O'pen BIC can be witnessed from the success of the strong World Cup regattas and from the many regattas that are organized every season around the world. The O'pen BIC is also an excellent platform for innovative race formats. National O'pen BIC classes have been able to organize unconventional regatta styles, where ingenious freestyle sessions combined with standard-type races, deliver a festive regatta that young sailors everywhere enjoy!


    Durable and Eco Friendly Construction
    The O'pen BIC hull is made of thermo-formed polyethylene, which is both affordable and durable. The O'pen BIC is also produced in the spirit of sustainable development: low-energy consumption during the production process and all production waste is recycled. The hull is 100% recyclable, very durable in the long-term and requires minimum maintenance and upkeep. In 2007 BIC Sport was awarded the French Sailing Industry’s «Prix du Bateau Bleu» for the ecological concept behind the O'pen BIC.

    O'pen BIC International Class
    The aim of the International O'pen BIC Class is to provide an exciting format of international and national dinghy sailing for young sailors. The steady annual growth of the Events’ Calendar is proof that the Class’s formula of providing exciting race formats on an attractive boat is a great success. More and more countries are implementing regular O'pen BIC event calendars of national competitions, and the international World O'pen Cup is the pinnacle each year. The O'pen Cup event style is very original, with some highly innovative courses and race rules derived from funboarding, where races are short and quick, the course changes regularly and can include crosswind legs and freestyle moves or an adventure race, and protests are judged immediately out on the water so no racing time or effort is wasted! These improvements are in line with ISAF’s Introductory Rules of Sailing, and are quite a break from the recent history of "classic" youth sailing. O'pen Cups are a cocktail of fun and pure regatta racing, great for motivating our young sailors and keeping them hooked for life!



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    O'pen BIC America's Cup 2013 - San Francisco

    O'pen BIC in Big Breeze



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