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Optiparts supplies all products you need for Optimist sailing. Besides Optimist specific products, we supply several gadgets for Optimist and other dinghy sailors.

    Category Description

    At the Mauri Pro Sailing we stock Optiparts products designed to the sailors use and their products. You can find the following products.
    • Optiparts 420 Accessories Parts
    • Optiparts Laser Accessories Parts
    • Optiparts Rudders Daggerboards
    • Optiparts Opti Sails
    • Optiparts Mast Booms Spar Fittings
    • Optiparts Tiller Extensions
    • Optiparts Accessories
    • Optiparts Optimist Heavy Duty Buoyancy Bags
    • Optiparts Trolleys
    • Optiparts Optimist DVD Books
    • Optiparts Halyard Blocks
    • Optiparts Hiking Accessories

    If you need any assistance selecting Optiparts, please let us know. Our specialists are very happy to help you.

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