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Rooster Wetsuits

If you want to go racing and keep warn at the same time, you need to get your own Rooster Wetsuit at the Mauri Pro Sailing Store . Rooster's ThermaFlex LongJohn gives the wearer-unsurpassed versatility and it's also perfect to pair with Rooster ThermaFlex Top in warmer conditions, or to use as a winterizing layer in colder conditions. This product adequate to any weather condition.

    Category Description

    Keep your core warm on your next cold, wet race by wearing a wetsuit that is designed to provide versatility as it supports you with comfort. Rooster wetsuits are ideal for the passionate weekend warrior who's not afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone to experience a boost of adrenaline.

    MAURI PRO Sailing is fully committed to ensuring appropriate racing wetsuits to passionate sailors by providing the Rooster Wetsuit selection. For further questions please contact out technical support team, we are ready to help.

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