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Zhik Bottoms

    Technical Description


    Zhik Hikers

    After many years developing the trusty three quarter hikers, Zhik thinks they have have finally cracked it. We think these babies are quite simply the most comfortable ever invented. Designed to work with the new PowerPad system, the hiking pants are no longer those hard-to-put-on clunky old things of the past. Be prepared to have hikers that fit with stretch and function with pads that stick.

    If you want a versatile hiking suit for most sailing conditions that will also protect your knees, choose this style. Reinforced with highly abrasive resistent Zhiktex in the knees and butt to give the durability where its needed. 

    Zhik Spandex

    Durable Nylon Spandex in a range of tops and bottoms to suit your needs. With UV50+ sun protection and smooth, non-itch comfort and stitching.

    1. Durable 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex
    2. Non itch flatlock stitching
    3. UVA 50+ protection
    4. Strong & comfortable
    5. Large range of colours & cuts

    Zhik Boat Shorts
    Zhik has redesigned the board short for sailing. These shorts have a revolutionary version of the ZhikTex material, that is soft and comfy and durable. The styling is similar to "board shorts" but these are boat shorts. You can still surf in them, but we think most of you will sail in them.

    Zhik Spandex Bottoms
    Spandex Bottoms from Zhik will suit your every sailing need. Made from durable non-itch nylon spandex and featuring UVA 50+ Protection. These bottoms feature flatlock stitching,with a 80% Nylon, 20% spandex fabric. These pants are designed to keep strong and comfortable throughout a day of sailing 

    Zhik Hydrophobic Spandex Fleece Pants
    The Hydrophobic Spandex Fleece range now extends from top to bottom. These guys are made of the same sensational material as the sister top. The two together combine to make the ultimate in thermal wear, however they work brilliantly on their own as well.

    Zhik Deckbeater Pants & Shorts
    Spandex over pants or shorts with padded neoprene in the rear to help you hike harder for longer, or simply use as extra comfort for long sessions on the water. These hiking pants feature UV50+ Spandex fabric with a ZhikTex rear panel. Zhik has designed these pants with neoprene padding and perforated fabric to keep you comfortable throughout the day. 

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