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Zhik Sailing Footwear


    Product Description

    Zhik Sailing Footwear

    Whether you are looking to go out cruising, racing or yachting; Zhik has created the proper Footwear for each kind of sailing style. At the Mauri Pro Sailing website you can find Zhik Sailing Footwear, which is divided by sailing style.

    • Zhik Dinghy Boots
    • Zhik Sailing Deck Shoes
    • Zhik Sailing Socks
    • Zhik Yachting Boots

    This brand has been testing Zhik Footwear a long the years to improve it to a better version. These products are lightweight and easy to carry to a sailing adventure, are also designed to maintain full mobility in any weather condition, whilst allows the foot to breath, and water to drain quickly. The technical proficiency of the shoes means they are in their element in any marine environment.

    Zhik sailing socks are specially designed to keep you warm on the coldest days and to dry faster. Those socks are breathable even when it gets hot. The main objective is to be the first in a range of innovative sailing footwear and provide the most qualify products at the same time. For any assistance please don't hesitate on contacting us, we are more than happy to provide all the information you might require to select Sailing Gear. Our crew is ready to help.

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