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Zhik Sailing Gear


    Product Description

    Zhik Sailing Gear

    Zhik is one of the leaders on the sailing gear market. This brand was founded in 2003 with a charter to deliver the most technically advanced apparel for the water. Their mission is to design products that combine comfort, performance and style, which must be constantly developing new technics to innovate in the global market. Zhik sailing gear is chosen by the win world championships, which success is attributed to their knowledge about what the sailors need and how to give them what they need in the place they want.

    Nowadays Zhik has been creating strong costumers relationships to provide them an excellent shop experience. These products now bring the latest in technical technology to every sailing style, but their specialty is racing. Which was shown in 2012 at the Olympics games, where half of the sailing competitors wore and won with Zhik sailing gear. Half of the success at the regattas depends on using the proper marine apparel and sailboat equipment, that’s why Mauri Pro Sailing is fully committed to be your Zhik specialist.

    These are the main products that you can find at our website.

    • Zhik Sailing Footwear
    • Zhik Foul Weather Gear
    • Zhik Sailing Headwear
    • Zhik Sailing Bags & Luggage
    • Zhik Wetsuits
    • Zhik Sailing Harnesses
    • Zhik Smocks & Spray Tops

    For any assistance please don't hesitate on contacting us, we are more than happy to provide all the information you might require to select Zhik products. Our crew is ready to help.

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