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Harken Winch: Performa Plain Top Size 35 Two Speed

Harken Winch: Performa Plain Top Size 35 Two Speed

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    Product Description

    Use on sportboats and performance cruisers 6 to 24 m (20 to 80 ft).


    •Sandblasted drum with diagonal ribs engineered for halyard and sheeting applications using smaller high-tech racing line.
    •Narrow self-tailing jaws of long-glass fiber shaped for easy line entry and optimum gripping power.
    •Spring-loaded upper jaw adjusts under line pressure to accept a variety of line sizes; teeth grip evenly with or without load.
    •Stripper arm covers winch top to prevent fingers and clothing from catching in rotating parts; adjusts to multiple positions.


    •Composite roller and thrust bearings reduce friction under load; have excellent corrosion resistance; donít require lubrication.
    •Drums with integrated skirt available in aluminum.
    •Load-carrying gears, pins, and pawls are 17-4PH stainless steel.
    •Snap-fit design keeps bearings captive in a high-strength, Delrincage.


    •Available in manual, electric, or hydraulic drive.
    •Manual winches are offered in self-tailing, plain-top, or Quattro styles; sizes 20 to 80; 1, 2 & 3 speeds.
    •Electric versions available with 12- or 24-volt, vertical or horizontal motors, and left-mount options; load controller and racing disconnect rod included.
    •Available in sizes 40 to 80 2 & 3 speeds.


    •Winches can be disassembled and serviced on deck.
    •Top lifts out as a single unit for quick reassembly.
    •Clean and grease winches regularly as described in the product manual.

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