Harken Winch Handle - Lock-in / SpeedGrip / Aluminum

Harken Winch Handle - Lock-in / SpeedGrip / Aluminum

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    Robust low-friction ball bearing handles match a wide range of cranking needs for both racers and cruisers. Handles feature a ball bearing grip that efficiently transmit power into the winch. All handles fit international standard winch sockets. Lock-in handles are easy to engage and release with a thumb switch.

    SpeedGrip handles are designed for the serious racer and effective in both light and heavy air conditions. The unique grip permits low-load fast cranking using the palm, and powerful two-handed grinding when loads are high.

    10 in (254 mm) is the most comfortable handle length for most sailors. Published power ratios are based on this length.

    Part Number: B10SG

    Imperial Metric
    Weight 21.2 oz 600 gr

    Imperial Metric Harken Winch Handles
    L 10" 254 mm
    H 7 1/16" 188 mm
    R 1 1/2" 38 mm